A-Bay FD Derby 2014


Friday Jan 24th – fished the deep hole at Lake of the isles – 25 feet deep. Very Very cold. Full sun and no wind until noon then it got nasty out. Caught a whole bunch of small pike. Pello, Rich and myself. No power at camp, called National Grid, Shelia came and got us straightend out. Pole 62 had a blown fuse. Craig, cook , Paul and travis showed up around 2pm, fire was out, babies. Donnie and Edwards showed up, massey did too.

Satuday Jan 25th – set up at the cliff – Don, Edwards and Jeff = tip ups in the water by 6:15 am. Used the headlights of the trucks to set up. Ice was 20 inches think, horrible weather. Sideways wind, 30 mph. Took about an hour and the flags started flying. Rich dropped his shanty off, didnt fish. Pello and massey showed up. Everyone else fished in front of camp, babies. Lots of 20 inch pike. Massay caught our entry at about 2:30 pm on his third move, 27.5 inches. Rushed it to the derby for entry. Very small turnout this year, same day as cranberry lakes derby. Top fish was 9 lbs. BUT GUESS WHO WON LUCK OF THE DRAW – JEFF BROEDEL on MASSESY FISH!!!!! As travis would say: A-BAY Derby winners, team effort!!!! lol
Went to skiffs, saw the band, travis almost lost $100. We went home and cook stole craigs bed.

Sunday – Jan 26th Travis CRV stuck at the launch – had to use the jeep and chains to get him out, snow was pretty deep and solid at the launch


Labor Day Weekend 2013, Leon came over in his bass boat and him, Craig and myself went out for about 4 hours and maxed out on largemouth. Threw lots of small ones back, Craig threw back a nice 20 incher. Leon caught a couple of nice pike. Wayner really enjoyed eating them!!!

puppy bass


Cranberry Lake 2013

Arrived with pello Thrusday afternoon, stopped right outside the lake and talked to the mayor of some small town.

Fished a half a day, not sure if we had a flag but I know we didnt catch anything. DEC paid a visit, same guy as last year. We were good, guys across from us had problems.

Day 2 Friday, set up in some shallow water at the south end, a few flags. Auger issues after holes we drilled, Pello caught a nice 30 incher on a mis-fire in the dark. We put it in the tub but it died. Rich and Doug showed up Friday night.

Derby day – used the same holes as yesterday. Rich and Doug left before they got their gear in, Rich was under the weather. We entered one small fish for the hour, it didnt hold up. Good day of fishing.

Oneida Lake

Oneida Lake

Woke up at 5 am, drove to a town called Cleaveland on the north shore of Oneida Lake. I bought some small and large fathead minnows at Apps. There’s a public boat launch there, lots of fisherman heading out in the dark. Met Massy and we headed out on Swizzlesticks snowmobile that Massy borrowed. 3 other guys followed us, massy had the GPS point saved from the day before where they caught lots of fish. We went to the spot, the other guy’s setup a hundred yards or so away. We were pretty much in the absolute middle of the lake; I swear we were closer to the south shore then the north.

We drilled some holes and dropped some jigs in, after 10 minutes nothing, so we moved about 300 yards south west, drilled some holes, nothing after about 10 minutes. We moved another couple hundred yards in the same direction, bingo. Massy had 3 walleye immediately, I got one. Massy had to pick his buddy up at the shore so he took his 3 in. By the time he came back out I had 3, one slob, biggest walleye I’ve ever caught. The last time I caught a wallyeye was in Cabunga Canada when I was like 13. Then massy caught 3 more keepers and we were done trying to catch walleye, we traded up to bigger ones a few times. So now we wanted perch, massy said we need to move over this way where its 40 feet. So we move and set up. 40 feet of water, most of my tips couldn’t even reach 30 feet. I had some flags and a few jumbo perch and said the heck with this, trying to manage tipups in 40 feet of water when there is action isn’t fun, very messy with all that line, so I joined Massy in jigging.

They put up a fun fight on a jigging pole form 20 feet!



If I told you it was the best fishing I had ever seen, I still wouldn’t be giving it justice. Not only did we catch a lot of perch over the next several hours, not one was less than 10-11 inches. Maybe 50-60 total, all HUGE, I mean huge. We had to pick up at 3pm to watch the SU vs Georgetown bball game, we should have kept fishing b/c they were still biting, crazy. Some guy was watching us pull up all these fish and kept creeping closer and closer and circling us like a wagon train. The minute we picked up and left, he was in our holes lol.  Check out the Pics and video!  And I didnt even take a picture of the final tally!

2013-02-23_14-11-33_490 2013-02-23_13-05-51_139


The Clayton derby was canceled, something to do with local politics and crybabies, so we entered the Plessis FD derby, held at the Flatrock.


Just Pello and I…….I think some of the usuals just dont want it anymore.

Pello and I got on the ice around 11am; the recoil on the auger was giving us trouble.  The new recoil was different than the original part that broke.  We got it fixed and started fishing.  We set up a few hundred yards off shore, but a little north.  Poor choice….shallow and brackish water.  I think we had less than 5 flags and only got 2 perch.  30 MPH winds didn’t help either.


We tried Chippawa again; it was like night and day from yesterday.  Full sun, no wind, about 25 degrees out.  Flags most of the day, perch city, the water was about 6 – 7 feet deep.  We set up wayyy out, right next to the fist island.  The water was crystal clear; I believe the island was Cedar Point State Park (edit-the island was 100% Manzanita Island, not Cedar)


I caught my biggest perch ever, over 14 inches.  Pello got a pike entry and I got a pike entry on #6 right before we picked up.  The weigh in was much better than last year, they are still a bit slow on announcements.  The prizes were very good; the biggest fish was only 12 lbs. that took $500.  Luck of the draw took $1000.

I filleted the perch and Lorie made an awesome Broiled Pineapple and Pepper
glazed perch dinner, it was the best perch I’ve ever had!

chip plesis

Broiled Pineapple and Pepper Glazed Perch

perch dinner


Friday 2/1/13

Car pooled with pello up north.  No snow on the ground.  Stopped at Riches and borrowed his auger.  Then we went straight to Chippewa Bay.  There was only 2 other fisherman out there.  Shorelines were weak, couldn’t use the wheeler.  Luckily there is a long public dock that put you way out on thick ice.   We were set up by around noon.  Overall the fishing was good; pello killed the perch on tipups then caught a nice 26 and 27 inch pike within 10 minutes of each other.  I only got 2 small pike and a pretty nice 13” perch.

2013-02-01_16-17-45_194 2013-02-01_14-48-16_298

2013-02-01_14-47-49_655 2013-02-01_14-47-20_998

Saturday 2/2/13

Had to start early to get rich back his auger.  I had the holes drilled before the sun came up, caught one pike when it was still dark out.  Major front came in and dumped about a foot of snow on the area.  Fishing was terrible, we set up right in front of pellos camp, won’t be fishing there again, ever. Pellos father in laws buddy showed up on his tractor, he lives with his mom and is looking forward to taking her bedroom.  Pellos family showed up and we went to the Redwood weigh in.  It was interesting, they don’t go by weight!  There was a huge crappie.  They have a category for the strangest fish.  A bullhead won.  We entered the perch; it was in first for a bit but got beat.  Next up, Clayton!



Thursday Jan 24

Left Syracuse around 8am, Pello and I got on the ice around 11am.  Met up with Rich and Doug over at the rock ledge.  – 15 degrees out.  Doug caught a real nice pike, maybe 31+ inches.  See the picture!  Doug was also hitting the perch pretty good; he had a ton of flags.  The rest of us had a rotten slow day. Pellos truck mirror brush a tree and broke, he ordered a replacement.

It was just me and Pello at camp that night, Rich, Doug and Melissa stopped down for a drink, Melissa brought some homemade mac and cheese, it was awesome! Moms sausage and mushroom rolls were good as always. Pello broke the fridge shelf, he ordered a replacement.


Fri Jan 25

Headed out to the rock ledge again.  Pretty slow again.  Warmed up a bit, was a high of -2 degrees.  Two loafers came out and set their shanty right up in the middle of our tip up line, Doug had some words with them and they moved (not very far).  Pellos wheeler threw a flat tire, had to walk back to camp, Edwards and Donnie had arrived.  Paul and Craig arrived shortly after that.  Massay and DJ arrived much later.


Sat Jan 26 DERBY DAY

Started real early, on the ice around 6.  Shuttled Edwards and Donnie to our spot short of deer point.  There was a huge pressure crack we had to go around.  Dropped them off and went and got Craig and Paul.  A few flags early, Rich and Doug arrived, weather was very mild, high was about 22 degrees. Doug and Paul split the pot for pikes around 26 inches.   Lots of good food, Pauls bacon by far is my favorite!  Rich had some really good pulled pork. Pauls sweet and hot venison sausage was also good.  Mom’s pickled cabasse was tasty.  Pello had some venison in speedy sauce that was good.

Got a visit from Pellos father in laws buddy that lives across the lake, he rocks a lawnmower and a bottle of jack.  Some kids on a 4 wheeler hit the pressure crack at full speed, they barley got out, would have been real bad if they went in.  As the day went on the crack got bigger and weaker.  Saw a cool airboat on the ice also!

Pellos auger recoil broke for no reason, he ordered a replacement.  Pellos sled hit the dock and cracked the faring, he ordered a replacement.  Headed to the weigh in with Dougs fish for luck of the draw.  The biggest entry was 14 lbs.  Pello got some cool stuff at the auction, he had to go to skiffs and hit the ATM to pay for it.  We stopped at the legion for a drink, talked to a guy from shermahorn, he said it was slow there and at goose bay, but he heard Chippewa was good.  Left the legion and there was an owl on the sidewalk that just took out a bird, it was 3 feet from us.  It sat there a bit then flew across the street and landed on a porch, with dead bird in tow, got a picture, it was really cool!




Alexandria Bay FD Jan 26 — we start on the 24th

Redwood Feb 2 —we start on the 1st
Clayton Feb 16 –CLOSED BOUNDARIES – fish at camp on the 15th, clayton the 16th
Northern Pike Challenge Feb 23 –??
Cranberry Lake March 2–CLOSED BOUNDARIES we stay the nights of the 28th and the 1st, fish on the 1st and 2nd

Bullhead 2012



April 13th 2012 – Left work with Doug and got to camp around 6pm, white caps and windy.  Mom and Dad had just arrived.  We unpacked and Josh and Brendan arrived.  Richs’ uncle and his buddy Larry stopped by to fish crappie on the point.  Doug caught the biggest crappie I have ever seen come out of that lake, it measured over 12 inches.

We got 60 bullhead on 100 worms. Some rock bass and sunfish also.  Everyone had a good time, wind died down right when we started.  Overall not a bad night, slow but steady.  Cat pole had a chummed up sunny on it, nothing.

April 14th 2012 – Cleaned the bullhead with everyone and divided the catch up.  Josh and Brenden left shorlty after that.

We had to fix the hot water heater, thermastat needed to be replaced, dad replaced the element first with no luck.  We had a fantastic bullhead dinner, the bullhead were nice and mild!

Doug and I decided to try the crappies instead of bullhead since Larry and Doug did so well the night before. We had some good action right before it got dark.  I got a nice Small Mouth that was really fun to land on a crappie setup, thought for sure I was going to lose him.  Overall that night, maybe 20 crappie, with a few real nice 11 -12 inchers.  Can’t wait to eat them!